As Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” At Private Picassos, we believe that each of our students, young and old, comes to us an artist.  While we all understand the pure joy of creating something, there is also much more to this process than meets the eye.


The benefits of art education, specifically visual art education, have been noted in many articles , blogs and studies.  But the best way to understand these benefits is to witness them firsthand.  When your toddler goes from scribbling aimlessly to focusing on their paper with concentrated marks, they’ve made the connection between their hands and mind.  This is the first step in their fine motor skill development.  When your five year old mixes paint to create secondary colors, they are participating in an art science experiment.  

Mistakes may be made and messes will undoubtedly be created.  But along the way, your child will learn to think outside the box and follow their intuition.  Their confidence will be increased with each piece of artwork created.  They will expand their decision making skills and learn how to express themselves, both visually and verbally.  The organic and geometric shapes they create with a crayon will one day turn into letters and numbers.  The way they grip a marker, paint brush or piece of clay will be the first step towards gripping a pencil and exploring these writing skills.

These same principles apply to adult students exploring art once again.  Whether this is your first time picking up a paint brush in 20 years, of you're a creative person looking to explore new techniques, an art class could be just what you need in this age of too much screen time.  Dig in, get a little messy and make a masterpiece with us today!