As Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” At Private Picassos, we believe that each of our students, young and old, comes to us an artist.  While we all understand the pure joy of creating something, there is also much more to this process than meets the eye.

The benefits of art education, specifically visual art education, have been noted in many articles and studies.  But the best way to understand these benefits is to witness them firsthand.  When your toddler goes from scribbling aimlessly to focusing on their paper with concentrated marks, they’ve made the connection between their hands and mind.  This is the first step in their fine motor skill development.  When your five year old mixes paint to create secondary colors, they are participating in an art science experiment.  Mistakes may be made and messes will undoubtedly be created.  But along the way, your child will learn to think outside the box and follow their intuition.  Their confidence will be increased with each piece of artwork created.  They will expand their decision making skills and learn how to express themselves, both visually and verbally.  The organic and geometric shapes they create with a crayon will one day turn into letters and numbers.  The way they grip a marker, paint brush or piece of clay will be the first step towards gripping a pencil and exploring these writing skills.

What to expect in a Private Picassos Art Class

At Private Picassos, we customize our projects and curricula to each client. We consider the age, interests, skill levels and goals of each student and tailor our projects specifically to them.

Students in all of our classes will receive a Progress Report, AKA Young Artists‘ Journal for younger students, periodically throughout the semester. This document will detail the lessons and materials students have explored, as well as examples of related art activities that you can complete at home.  

In-Home Art Classes For Children

Each private art lesson entails 45 minutes to 1 hour of personalized art activities for your child. Prior to our first class, we try to get information regarding your child’s interests and favorite materials, as well as any goals you may have for the class. Our job is to find a happy medium between the two, keeping your child engaged and on the right path.

Each lesson entails the following:

  • Introduction of the theme and project of the day

  • Introduction of materials for our first project of the lesson

  • Second project of the lesson (if necessary)

  • Reflection on the work created

  • A treat of rainbow pencil drawings, artists’ stickers and/or stamps (*this mainly applies to lessons for children under the age of 6)

Tips to Get the Most Out of your Child’s Private Art Lessons

The one thing children truly need when creating art is encouragement. Sometimes it’s hard to understand what your child is drawing or where their motivation is coming from. When watching your child create a new piece of work, try to avoid guessing or assuming what something is. Its best to simply ask questions about your child’s artwork and have them tell you the story behind their creation. Once you hear their side of the story, you’ll see the masterpiece behind the piece of paper covered in scribbles.

On-Site Group Art Classes

Private Picassos also partners with many schools and educational facilities to offer Group Art Classes.  Children in these classes are not only exposed to new and unique art materials, but also the ideas and methods of their fellow students.  Exploring art in a group setting allows for students to learn from one another, share art materials, collaborate on communal artwork and also reflect as a group on their art making experience.  While some of these experiences can be had in a traditional school setting, many are unique to a group art class.  Creating art with one’s peers, without strict rubrics or guidelines, allows for students to approach each project free of limitations.  In this setting, our instructors are also free to respond directly to their students and modify their curriculum as it progresses.  Rather than a one size fits all method, we have the flexibility to see what excites our students and in turn respond with related art projects.  

Adult Art Classes

Kids aren’t the only ones who benefit from creating art! As is seen in the popularity of such books as the Johanna Basford’s adult coloring books, many adults crave an artistic experience separate from their everyday lives.  Students of all ages and artistic levels come to Private Picassos for a unique experience tailored to them.  Whether you’re looking to get back into watercolor painting or haven’t picked up a paint brush in twenty years, we’re here to guide you.  And in case you missed it, looking at art might keep you in better health, according to a study published in the journal Emotion. Just another reason to set up that art class!

At our Studio

Our Studio was designed with children and parents in mind, focused on creating a space where artists of all ages can create.  The main crux of our Studio is the drop-in flexibility.  Students can come in seven days a week with no reservation, pick their project and start creating.  We also carefully curated our projects to reflect a large variety of materials, methods and experiences, ranging from two dimensional watercolor painting explorations to three dimensional papier mache creations.  All of our projects are process oriented, allowing students to explore the materials on their own without the restrictions of a product-focused activity.  Open ended projects help children practice problem solving and learn to rely on their own intuition.