Open 7 days a week from 10am-6pm.
No reservations required.
Just come by and make some art!


237 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Sunday-Saturday 10am-6pm

Closed for special events and holidays:

  • Monday December 24th 10am-6pm

  • Tuesday December 25th 10am-6pm

  • Monday December 31st 10am-6pm

  • Tuesday January 1st 10am-6pm

At our Art Studio, you can get messy and create with your child. Build a papier mache sculpture, try our larger than life painting palette or make the stuffed animal of your child’s dreams!

* Come by when you want (we're open 7 days a week)
* Pay per project or get a Day Pass for unlimited projects
* Stay as long as you like!

Our Studio was designed with children and parents in mind, focused on creating a space where artists of all ages can create.  The main crux of our Studio is drop-in flexibility.  Come in seven days a week with no reservation, pick your project and start creating.  All of our projects are process oriented, allowing students to explore the materials on their own without the restrictions of a product-focused activity.

Scroll down to read about our Drop-In Art Projects and to purchase Day Passes & Memberships!


We bring 12 years of art education experience to this studio. All activities are based in the fine arts and exploration, allowing participants to learn and explore on their own.

* Please note that all Art Projects listed below are safe for kids 18 months on up.  Our Special Projects are best for kids over the age of 5.

IN STUDIO ART PROJECTS $15 - included in all memberships and day passes

  • Palette Painting - kids will use washable tempera paint to make a masterpiece at our larger than life paint palette! **BESTSELLER**

  • Mixed Media Clay Sculptures - kids will use Crayola Model Magic Clay in two primary colors and white, along with colorful wire, popsicle sticks, google eyes and feathers to create whimsical sculptures. **BESTSELLER**

  • Faux Stained Glass - kids will use tissue paper and colored acetate on a clear sticker, making a layered collage that mimics stained glass windows. The collage will then be placed into a backless frame and decorated with sharpie markers.

  • Drawing Exploration - kids will use oil pastels, chalk, colored pencils, markers and dot markers to create colorful drawings.

  • Collagraph Printmaking - kids will use recycled cardboard and foam shapes to create their own stamp, which they will then print to make an edition of prints!

  • Papier Mache - kids will created sculptures with recycled materials and then add a layer of colorful tissue paper and glue for the finishing touch!

  • Recycled Sculptures - kids will build a 3D sculpture, using a variety of recyclable materials and masking tape.

  • Collage Exploration - kids will use colored paper, tissue paper, stickers, painted paper and feathers to create a colorful collage.

  • Watercolor Exploration - kids will explore watercolor paint on thick watercolor paper.

  • Styrofoam Printmaking - kids will create their own stamps by drawing images on styrofoam sheet. Their stamps will then be printed into an edition of prints!

MEMBERSHIPS AND DAY PASSES - get 20% off Specialty Projects and 10% off Retail Items*

  • $35/day pass for unlimited projects

  • $110/month membership for all projects **

  • $270/3 month membership for all projects **

SPECIALTY ART PROJECTS - get 20% off when you buy a Day Pass or Membership

  • Stuffed Animal (for artists over 5 yrs) $30 - kids will sketch their own design for a stuffed animal, then sew their animal together using soft fleece, a needle and thread.

  • Acrylic on Canvas (for artists over 5 yrs) $40 - kids will sketch their own composition for their painting, first on white paper and then on their canvas. Acrylic paint will be added on top, creating a unique masterpiece for each child!

  • Weekly Special - prices vary

* Please note our Day Pass and Membership prices have changed as of June 1st, 2018
** Sibling discount of 15% off applied to second child



Our DIY ART KITS contain everything necessary for a fun and engaging art project, not just paint by number experiences.  In addition to materials, kits include detailed literature, explaining the project, what you will learn and possible techniques to explore. Kits can also be purchased in the studio and brought home or purchased as a unique gift. Available kits include: Mixed Media Clay Sculptures ($20), Faux Stained Glass ($20) and DIY Stuffed Animal ($35).


  • Can’t make it to our Studio? We’ll bring it to you!

  • Every season we’ll send you an exclusive box of art supplies, children’s books and other creative items to explore with your child.

  • Get the Private Picassos’ experience wherever you are!

Gift Certificate!

A Gift Certificate to our Studio or Mobile Program makes the perfect gift!  The recipient can use their balance towards:

  • Drop-In Art Projects

  • Art Classes for Kids & Adults

  • Retail Items

  • Memberships

  • In-Home Art Classes

Certificates expire one year after the purchase date. Upon purchase, a PDF certificate will be emailed directly to you.  You can also request a hard copy sent in the mail. Please allow 1-week for delivery.

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