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What to expect in a Private Picassos' Art Class

Children in our Studio classes are not only exposed to new and unique art materials, but also the ideas and methods of their fellow students.  Exploring art in a group setting allows for students to learn from one another, share art materials, collaborate on communal artwork and also reflect as a group on their art making experience.  While some of these experiences can be had in a traditional school setting, many are unique to a group art class.  Creating art with one’s peers, without strict rubrics or guidelines, allows for students to approach each project free of limitations.  In this setting, our instructors are also free to respond directly to their students and modify their curriculum as it progresses.  Rather than a one size fits all method, we have the flexibility to see what excites our students and in turn respond with related art projects. 

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WINTER SEMESTER: January 8th - March 23rd

SPRING SEMESTER: April 9th - June 15th