Our In-Home Art Classes brings the best of the art studio, directly to the comfort of your home. All of our In-Home Programming is coordinated around your schedule and availability and can include all of the necessary art materials. Simply choose the package that works for you, and we'll take care of the rest! 


At Private Picassos, we customize our projects and curricula to each client. We consider the age, interests, skill levels and goals of each student and tailor our projects specifically to them.

Students in all of our classes will receive a Progress Report, AKA Young Artists‘ Journal for younger students, periodically throughout the semester. This document will detail the lessons and materials students have explored, as well as examples of related art activities that you can complete at home. 

Each private art lesson entails 45 minutes to 1 hour of personalized art activities for your child. Prior to our first class, we try to get information regarding your child’s interests and favorite materials, as well as any goals you may have for the class. Our job is to find a happy medium between the two, keeping your child engaged and on the right path.

Each lesson entails the following:

  • Introduction of the theme and project of the day
  • Introduction of materials for our first project of the lesson
  • Second project of the lesson (if necessary)
  • Reflection on the work created

Scroll down for info about our In-Home Art Class Options.

To enroll in a class, please email us at  

And don't forget to check out our schedule of Group Classes at our Studio in Park Slope!

Private & Group In-Home Art Classes - 1 Hour

Our Art Lessons are one hour long (but can be extended to 1.5 or 2 hour sessions upon request). One of our instructors will come directly to your home, materials in hand to lead your children through customized projects and activities. We design all of our curricula specifically for each student, considering their age, skill level, interests and goals. We also provide Young Artists’ Journals, which are emailed to parents after every five or ten sessions.  This document details each lesson, the projects completed, ideas for the next series and activities to try at home. Museum and gallery tours can also be substituted for a session in the following packages.

Private Lessons

  • 1-hour private instruction, including all art materials $95
  • Five 1-hour art lessons, including all art materials $431
  • Ten 1-hour art lessons, including all art materials $800

Group Lessons

With our Group Art Lessons, we either arrange for one family to be the host of all the sessions or rotate around the students’ homes. The cost per child, per lesson for our group lessons varies on the number of children participating.

For Two Children

  • 1-hour semi-private instruction, including all art materials $78/child
  • Five 1-hour semi-private art lessons, including all art materials $350/child
  • Ten 1-hour semi-private art lessons, including all art materials $670/child

For Two Siblings

  • 1-hour semi-private art lesson, including all art materials $133/total
  • Five 1-hour semi-private art lessons, including all art materials $650/total
  • Ten 1-hour semi-private art lessons, including all art materials $1,160/total

For Three or More Children

  • 1-hour group instruction, including all art materials $56/child
  • Five 1-hour group art lessons, including all art materials $250/child
  • Ten 1-hour group art lessons, including all art materials $450/child

Group In-Home Art Classes - 45 Minutes

Looking for a Group Art Class for your child and some friends, a homeschool group or playdate? Try our 45-Minute Classes! All class themes are age appropriate and allow for our students to explore many different mediums. Kids will draw detailed self portraits, create splatter paintings like Jackson Pollock and build unique recycled robots.

Choose your favorite class theme from our roster, let us know your preferred day & time and we'll take care of the rest. Our instructor will bring all of the materials, along with table coverings for the work surface. Families are welcome to take turns hosting each week, allowing everyone to experience art making in their own home.

** All prices below are listed per student, but please note that this package requires a minimum of 4 students per class and a minimum of 5 weeks. ** 

Prices are as follows:

  • One class for one student- $30
  • One class for two siblings - $55.50

See a sampling of available class themes below. For a full list of available themes, email for a detailed proposal.

18-48 Months 
Classes for this age group feature 3-4 activities per session, each focusing on the chosen theme of the day.

Toddler Art Adventures
Budding toddler artists will explore paint, crayons, oil pastels, collage materials, air-dry clay and recycled sculpture in this process-oriented art class. Themes for projects include NYC, outer space, animals, opposites and much more. This curriculum is a great introduction to a structured class for young artists and will help strengthen their fine motor skills and ability to represent the world around them.

Triangles, Squares and Circles, Oh My!
Young artists will explore shapes, color and strengthen their fine motor skills through a variety of 2-3 dimensional art materials. By focusing on a specific color or theme each session, children will build their skills with drawing, collage, painting and small-scale sculpture.

3-5 Years
Classes for this age group feature 1 main activity per session, followed by 2-3 smaller projects.

All About Me
Young artists will carefully look at themselves and the world around them through a variety of art activities. Projects will focus around self and family portraits, as well as artists who explore similar themes, such as Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picassos and Andy Warhol. *Can also be modified for 5-8 years

Art Around the World
Young artists will travel around the world on an artistic journey, exploring 2-3 dimensional multi-cultural art activities, including Mexican frescos, Kente cloth weaving and Brazilian Carnivale masks.

Contemporary Kids
Kids will discover the artwork of contemporary and 20th century artists, including Jim Dine, Kiki Smith, Keith Haring, Orly Genger, Sun Kwak, Banksy and many more. We’ll explore their method and materials, along with new techniques being used by artists. *Can also be modified for 5-12 years

Let’s Look in our Favorite Book
Young artists will read a different children’s book each session and then complete a related art activity. Books and activities include Leonardo the Terrible Monster creature collages, A Big Bug Surprise insect sculptures, Alexander and the No Good, Very Bad Day printmaking.

5-12 Years
Classes for this age group will focus on one main project per session, in addition to a strong focus on long-term projects.

Draw, Doodle and Pop!
This unique drawing class will focus on traditional drawing techniques, getting inspiration from fine artists' artwork such as Jim Dine, Vincent Van Gogh, Keith Haring and many more.

Science & Art
Budding Picassos and young Einsteins unite! Kids will go on an adventure through the intersecting worlds of science and art in this cross-curricular class! We’ll get messy with homemade chalk, Gyotaku printmaking, fossil creation and much more!

Storytelling Through Art -- NEW CLASS!
Students will learn about different methods of storytelling through art.  Bookmaking, self portraits, comics and multi-media art will be explored, getting inspiration from fine artist's work, children's literature and street art!

Zip, Zap, Zoom: Comics for Kids
Budding comic artists and enthusiasts will learn the basics to create their own comic book through hands-on activities and explorations of contemporary comic artists.