Leave the mess with us and make a masterpiece at our Studio!

Kids aren’t the only ones who benefit from creating art! As is seen in the popularity of such books as the Johanna Basford’s adult coloring books, many adults crave an artistic experience separate from their everyday lives.  Students of all ages and artistic levels come to Private Picassos for a unique experience tailored to them.  Whether you’re looking to get back into watercolor painting or haven’t picked up a paint brush in twenty years, we’re here to guide you.  And in case you missed it, looking at art might keep you in better health, according to a study published in the journal Emotion. Just another reason to sign up for one of our Art Classes!

Learn new techniques with our trained instructors and explore art materials on your own. Create your own masterpiece without the restrictions of "copying" the teacher. All workshops are BYOB to get the creative juices flowing! Students will also get 10% off any purchases in our Shop that they make that night.



  • 8/11 Intro to Watercolor ~ Students will learn basic watercolor techniques and then complete a small series of watercolor paintings! $40/student

  • 8/25 Abstract Acrylic Paintings ~ Students will explore abstract art and acrylic paint, culminating in their own non-representational painting.  $45/student

All workshops require pre-registration and a minimum of 3 students to run. 

Email to reserve your spot today.


Friday evenings 7-9pm
Saturday evenings 6-9pm

Watercolor Exploration
Students will learn basic watercolor techniques, such as dry brush and wet into wet. We’ll then work towards completing a small series of watercolor paintings!

  • Friday 9/8

  • Saturday 9/16

  • Friday 10/13

  • Saturday 10/14

  • Saturday 10/21

  • Friday 11/3

  • Saturday 11/4

  • Saturday 12/16

Watercolor Card Creation
Students will learn basic watercolor techniques, such as dry brush and wet into wet. We’ll then work towards completing a small series of watercolor cards! PERFECT FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

  • Friday 10/27

  • Friday 12/15

Watercolor Exploration with Floral Inspiration
Students will learn basic watercolor techniques, such as dry brush and wet into wet, focusing on how to best depict flowers.  We’ll have a colorful floral arrangement on view for inspiration and work towards completing a small series of watercolor paintings.

  • Friday 9/22

  • Saturday 9/23

  • Friday 12/8

Intermediate Watercolor Exploration
Students will explore watercolor techniques beyond the basics in this intermediate workshop.  Perfect as a refresher for those who haven’t painted in a while or something looking to push themselves a bit in their work.

  • Saturday 10/28

Acrylic on Canvas
Students will learn basic acrylic painting techniques, which will be applied to their own finished paintings.  No need to “copy” the teacher in this workshop - we’ll give you the skills to create the painting of your choosing! One 8x10 canvas and canvas paper will be provided, along with all painting materials. Any additional surfaces can also be brought to class.

  • Friday 9/15

  • Friday 11/17

  • Saturday 11/18

Quick & Easy Printmaking
Students will explore traditional and non-traditional printmaking techniques that can easily be done at home! We’ll explore DIY techniques that mimic traditional relief printing, as well as how to turn household items into custom stamps!

  • Friday 9/29

Block Printing on Tote Bags
Students will learn relief printmaking techniques and then apply them to a canvas tote. Additional printing surfaces can be brought to class.

  • Friday 12/1

  • Saturday 12/2

DIY Stamp Creation
Students will learn traditional relief printing techniques and carve their own linoleum blocks.  We’ll then work towards creating a unique edition of prints.  Each student will leave with their artwork and reuseable linoleum block.

  • Friday 11/10

  • Saturday 11/11

Oil Pastel Exploration
Students will explore this versatile drawing material through demonstrations and warm up activities, followed by ample time to create a finished drawing.  Students are encouraged to bring an interesting image or object to class to use for inspiration.

  • Saturday 9/30

  • Friday 10/6

Baby Onesie Decoration! (with relief printing techniques)
Whether you have a little one on the way, or friends & family who are expecting, this hands-on workshop is for you!  We’ll explore basic relief printing techniques to decorate our own personalized onesies.  Students will each carve their own rubber stamp and decorate two onesies.  Additional onesies and printing surfaces can be brought to class.

  • Saturday 10/7

  • Friday 10/20